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Curse of the of The: Abyss Worm[Chaper #1 of#29 'The Vipers']

The Viper'sThe Abyss Worm Virus1The Research & Memos of Dick Earnest, Christian Psychologist \n[Mr. Earnest place about to record, for tracking his narrative history and analysis, for Anna Viper, October 7, 2003 AD]My name is Dick Earnest, and before I get into reading the journals, letters, diaries and notes I've gathered over the during the past year, pertaining to this history, of tales, I offers to you my conclusions into what I call the 'Abyss [pit] Worm Virus', --no you've not been aware of it, however, you've seen it or possible actually come close to it; probably smelled it. This history is for Anna Viper, who hired me to resolve several issues concerning her and a curse; along the way I had got thus involved I've yet to untangle me from this, and let me add to that statement, along the way I've discovered over I care to, yet I stayed unmoved, but still required to go forward with this history. Today is October 7, 2003. As I try to unwind my conclusions, and I mention this is not an simple task lightly, it has taken me, and I repeat me, since October 2002, to track down this all away, I hope you are individual with me--Anna, however, I will help you recognize what I recognize.Anna, please destroy this record [and all the shortly to follow along with tapes, there may be others]; furthermore, there is no need for others to recognize these details, not really; that is, these, annals that are the history, in particular, yours.One of the questions you're most likely asking yourself only at that second is:"What about world is the 'Abyss Worm Virus?'?" though Anna, you have stayed its bane, and your family have stayed it also,--you want not search any farther, I may find its secret for you, at its end, when all the info is within a hands, I dare mention, be mindful by all signifies, there are too several beady and shifty eyes regarding, and un-agreeable ears on the market wanting you! I do believe; and to be quite honest, and frank, I won't be capable to safeguard you past these details. I am only a physiologist, no magic employee. You will want an open mind my friend, and should you research before you buy, there are my conclusions are not off center by much, if at all. You may think my account is fiction at certain glance, my aim that is, however, I tell you, there is a bit more fact than fiction to it, what you can't explain, take at face value for what it appears like, for that is what it certainly is. Nature has a way of allowing everything in, it does not have any favorites. Matter of fact, everything I have said, or am planning to mention, is written down several region for secure keeping, around, for that is where I got my info from, from different sources, together with hidden sources I care not to divulge for a protection, plus mine. Oh yes, yes, these you may call lies or distortions, or even generalizations, or what you will, conserve for the simple fact they occurred and may be explained, however they are not mine, theyare yours, and have been written in stone prolonged before you or I were delivered. Having said this all, let me start out with this element of my story--oops, I could say: 'your history,' and describe for the disease.The creature--the worm--, I could mention, that I'm describing; --that is, that I will explain to you about: is red and rather red in color: it is actually, its natural body color I'm trying to say; --purpled eyes (don't smile please--it has seen much with those eyes and knows much, and is very different from you and I; --it is round, approximating, how big a quarter, likened to a caterpillar--or you could also say, such as a large larva creature in a twisted body form. These living things, otherwise called organisms have something akin to one-hundred legs; big eyes, and a throat with teeth, oh yes teeth, sharp because a razor: and they sound to light up such as fire flies; 1 might hold a half dozen in the palm of his or her hand, could interest overcome to accomplish this. Incidentally, they are doing not cast a shadow for several peculiar purpose.Furthermore, they are cursed liars by nature. They were first mentioned in stone pills around 18,000 BC. And when Ura'el an Archangel, took the angelic renegades, [Ura'el thus mentioned in the Old Testament Bible], and cast these phones the pit [otherwise recognize because the Abyss], these screw like creatures were already in existence. When Ura'el opened the door to the pit (someplace is Asia Minor--presently Turkey--way back when), there have been these caterpillar-organisms that hung about to the roots of the underworld: yes the countless pit, thus often talked about in the bible. This pit, to my understanding, is a canyon like area, reminiscent of a underground, below vortex, with blankness, descending from the surface from the crust, and all the method right down to the mantelpiece, as well as on to or around the core of the interior earth; --several of these areas being frozen along its winding paths, others being hot cells so forth, because this may be verified performing several geologic analysis, it's of no significance if I am not 100% accurate inside my description of that screw, for this is just particular background info you may or might not wish to know, it may bear no fruit 1 method or the different in the end of the history, yet it adds prosperously to the lucidity of that account, shall you wish to flutter amidst this knowledge again, or somebody find and open this account. That said, a habitat is a habitat, avoid no less, and it is actually my habit to clarify everything, a prideful factor at best. But in the Book of Revelation, of the New Testament Bible, it is actually additionally mentioned, maybe not as descriptive because I've been, however, it is actually there, use a little imagination, you'll find it. Or for that matter, study the old writings termed as the Pseudepigrapha [Apocalyptic Literature Testaments]; it might do you well should you tend to doubt what I mention, that is, to follow through out; --and I encourage you to do thus, --the Old Testament of the bible, in particular, Genesis Chapter #6, and possible actually the writings of the Talmud, and let's not forget Josephus' work: he had been a back stabber, was he not?. To be sure their credentials are greater than mine, and may in someway or another bring you a step closer to the desirable quality of my understandings--or call it virtue should you will--as you get to know them. It is clear nonetheless, these creatures at 1 given time in history knew nothing regarding anything generally, until the Abyss Door, the infamous Abyss Door, was opened. Then it dawned about them--figuratively speaking--, there was clearly another globe, a surface world--or the globe on the market. Before this, it was simply an countless pit--a lair of excess substances in the world. They were life in a pit, twenty-five miles beneath the crust of the earth, an old, lost and hidden globe of: muck dirt, clay and grime: sheets upon sheets of it.To Anna Incidentally, I could mention, before we into this, this too deeply, that is into this history too deeply, I am a Christian Psychologist, which needless to say you know already Anna, and therefore, I take my responsibility and respect to you really in all courtesy, and issues concerning my job, whence, you can easily trust me, because my standing speaks for itself, because you well recognize, when you hired me. Furthermore, I have prayed daily about this voyage I am taking with you, this voyage into the unknown, the unstable, to bring you knowledge and understanding, and knowledge to make whatever existence options you must thereafter, that is, once you have gained my knowledge I am planning to share with you. I will do for the best service possible, and shall: thus please hear carefully to all my tapes because I submit these phones, I said that before, however, I find me often times repeating me, for several odd purpose, however, I may update you about me a bit more afterwards, not you need to recognize anymore regarding me, just that I have done you a cost Maintenance, however, Anna Viper, you will get to know me better and better, and afterwards on--after my job is done, I may be at a Maintenance because always: that is should you need me. As I was planning to say in the start, inside my memo's here, the pit was once opened prolonged ago, being the very first time it was opened to my knowledge and according to my analysis by no besides Ura'el, an angelic being. And only at that point is where I shall bring forth the nature of the animal.Hitherto, not 1 individual screw got from the abyss, until Ura'el opened it. Not certain why, however, no did get out, for I'm certain it could have been revealed around inside all the old writings that have filled up the libraries of the world, in the past; yes, yes, oh yes, not 1 iota of information, real info about this screw. As an example the great library at Alexandra, Egypt, or the collection at Ephesus, no might bare witness to my finding. That is unclothed to the extent I may, the creature's identity and description, because I have generally actually revealed. And the simple fact of the situation is, nothing was or has been written or recorded, as a way to show authenticated proof of these a screw. And so indeed--indeed you must see, here we are with a actual unfamiliar mystery--naked because it was, I am here to place cloths back about it for you. Now these worm type creatures are creatures not actually Satan may control, that is right, not actually with all his angelic powers; quite a big statement for me to make, however, a true 1 nonetheless. Nor may the demons that circle this globe, plus the demons in the crust of the earth--the intestine of the interior world [intestines], the underworld, or any other angelic being to my knowledge, no may control them, and certainly, not guy, could he be silly sufficient to consider he could with all his technology; if thus, he'd be quite dissatisfied. The location of the pit, or abyss as it would be better known, today, and I may get to why I mention 'today,' momentarily, is around between older Sumer [Iraq] and Damascus, in the Syrian Desert.As I try to explain this entire gamut of pictures, and several history to you, you will see afterwards on how this found affect the 4 families involved: the Trials, Viper's, Lime's and Noddoc's. In accomplishing this, you will additionally see the nature of the screw as it would be adaptive to each other, its type. And how others like Vii, plus the Tiamat, Charlie and Lady Belinda got involved. Yes, it is actually an entangling web to mention the. But should you endure with me, I may untangle it for you, and a bane, specifically a curse--this unbroken circle may and will also be broken; --besides the fact that it was a bane of types for over one-hundred and fifty years--trust me, think in me, I may do itI am notcertain why God created these creatures, or for that matter, whether or not He did; and if God be God, I am not certain what god I am chatting regarding. However I considered it, and thought deeply regarding it, maybe too deeply regarding it, potentially they are a counter balance to something, perhaps to existence all together. Definitely God was annoyed with Lucifer, that he might dare stand about him, and therefore, kicked him from heaven, whence, He created these creatures to torment him [him being: Lucifer], yet they are doing not torment him--I recognize this for a fact. Could it be, really be, Lucifer created these phones torment God--and then they got from control? A good query indeed and I maybe acquiring a bit off the track here; because a happen, perhaps God got annoyed again: don't take me incorrect, I'm about God's side, however, Satan is a trickster of the high prescribe, yes, very cleaver and creative in my opinion which is why we need to be watchful. It seems to me, God doesn't know what he will do sometimes [?] with all respect meant, it is actually my psychology chatting, Monkeys and Pineapples make more sense to me sometimes, yes, noiselessly He speaks to me, to my spirit, however, without guarantee of much intelligence, I have to always figure things away for me. He jabbered with cartoon and severity once inside my rest, just to find away he wanted me to pray to him, you recognize, at 3:00 AM in the morning. Oh well, he being God, I did thus, and he told me it was great for my studying psychology.Another thought about my menu of thoughts, is the fact that when Ura'el, the holy Arch-Angel, place the Watchers, or angelic renegades into the pit, for cohabitating [see Genesis 6] with human women [see the book of Enoch in the Pseudepigrapha, Volume I] thousands of years back, they were thus vulgar, thus rootless in values, thus malice, thus sinful (sinful according to God that is), and you recognize vulgar breeds vulgar, thus when these creatures were cast into the pit, I think 199 with them, there was clearly some sort of secretion of their bodies introduced, and then inside time I suppose, by way of touch [or some sort of contact], between those two different entities, it occurred to infect, or become infectious -if not 1 to another, then both became infectious; that is to say, in particularly, the worms became contagious to everything and everybody; possible disfiguring the angelic-race: the creatures that have been cast into the pit. Now this is not a fact, but neither is it conjecture, this is my theory based about people I have spoken to, because 1 might place together a puzzle, and when there are no pieces left, however, 1, and it fits, thus, it need to be the appropriate one. That said, be that because it may, I have found that piece--and what fact is, is the fact that this Abyss Virus Worm [because I call it], exist, and is infectious. And so again, we see fact pushing fiction aside. We should not treat history because if nothing occurred method back then, for it did. Man could have you think all that were held was smells created and thus came existence form, from the sea to land. But the truth is existence was made prolonged before world was made. And as it is written in the Good Book, in the later days the pit may be opened plus the sorrows may begin. Let me determine this and explain where I am using all this.During the 'End of Days,' when Christ is to return, Satan may open the Abyss, and from it comes creatures with tails that sting; etc [see the Book of Revelation for clarity]. What the bible is believing is, something went into the pit thousands of years back or longer [we may add to it ten-thousand more years, or one-hundred 1000 years or even a billion more years should you like--but the idea could not change the facts; the important points in the sacred books, and when it, or I could mention, when they return away, or when it is actually time to them to come away, they won't search just like when they went in. They may have breed together, the worms plus the angelic beings cast into the pit, I'm scared. It is likened to the humans about earth; therefore, whatever demonic forces reside here--and we may add alien forces should you like--they may all have to breed with what exactly is available, that being 1 another when the time comes, enjoy it or perhaps not. A over natural process if 1 appears at it from a psychological position, or somewhat psychophysical, or genetic alteration college of thought, or manner; likewise, should you were put for an island, and all that was about there have been cannibals, I doubt they'd eat you, should you were the only woman (bad analogy, however, it is actually all I might think of, currently (however they may breed with you and eat the babies--who may tell). That is why I call them also by the name: "Liar Pit Worms," they lay to breed, a survival factor possible. They may do this in and outside the pit. As anexample and I recognize this is a bad example again--somewhat reiterating--but thus bear with me: should you were in the cavity, the pit, the hole in the ground: all being the same needless to say, since 18,000 BC or thus, you would be a hypocrite, if you mention you would not mingle with whomever were the inhabitants there-within, I might imagine; yes, I might do the same; any human might under like circumstances. Now let me go from a different angle.--Be that because it may, legend has it that: whatever touches these worms, may become infected. They carry inside their bodies poisonous, fatal poisons. If I were to find a good example, it can be something likened to venom--a serpent bit, or hemlock; again, Josephus Flavus, the Jewish-Roman intellectual and historian of his day [AD 100] mentioned: that from the plant "Baara," the very name of the root itself comes poison. As all poisons are from plants, or venomous creatures. This 1 which grows in the Middle East, in particular in Israel, may eliminate a dog swiftly simply by the dog trying to pull the roots from the poisonous plant. Yes in deed, these worms are extremely lethal; its poisons are increasingly being spread worldwide, and I shall get into this more in a moment--yet I wish To leave no shadows behind.This scorpion type screw may bite you, or eat a insides, there is no escape once they have touched you in such a way, or joined you without you having some sort of immune system in region. It is comparable to curare--a poison arrow in you; akin to spotted hemlock, akin to the cup that killed Socrates. The worm's venom may first burn a throat: and throat, abdominal pain, nausea, a sense of intoxication, feebleness and convulsions. You die, you just die. Do not be dismayed, for I should explain, and describe all I recognize, for you paid me well for this information--be it gruesome or perhaps not. And because a happen, these details is simply logical; it is actually like grabbing (and I dislike to use this analogy, however, I shall) a hand whole of body secretion from the bladder, a hand whole of shit; should you do not wipe a hands off swiftly you will get not merely the smell, however, ...god knows what else, in essence, infection; in a resembling way to the development of the tumor; it can additionally seep from a pores and should you have cuts, or different opportunities systems, they/it might enable the infection or disease migrate throughout the body like cancer. And whatever is within the substance [waste], you will acquire that bacteria-virus, could there be 1. Again I mention, this screw has infected places throughout the world [one I am chatting regarding today, 1 screw that is], and today it is actually in the backyard, or in particular, yours--figuratively talking.Now, having said this all, let me explain these creatures when they get amidst humans, and I am not chatting regarding twenty or thirty 1000 with them acquiring loose, however, 1, because I just mentioned, onescrew running loose, --we may, for the sake of argument, call him, or it the 'Crazy Worm, which is causing global havoc.'Caitiff\n caitiff

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