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Bach And Handel Their Influence On Future Composers

Bach plus Handel every inside their own way were a excellent impact about later decades of composers. Both of them, inside their own private way, summed upwards the major styles of European music. Handel cultivated a concerto that was based the design of Correlli plus Bach cultivated a concerto that was based about the design of Vivaldi. Handel perfected the Italian opera and also the English Oratorio, when Bach perfected the cantata, the German Passion, and also the Latin mass.Handel's music relies more about melody plus Bach's relies more about counterpoint. This is not saying that Bach couldn't compose superior melodies or that Handel couldn't write superior counterpoint. It is simply a general observation. Also Bach relied more about phrasing when Handel relied more about dynamics. Although they were both rather adept at utilizing contrasts of texture to create interest, this technique was a bigger factor inside Handel's music. Handel's music, generally, is much more vocally oriented, plus Bach's music is much more instrumentally oriented. They both were masters of the excellent European styles time, however Handel was more relying on the Italian design than Bach, plus Bach was more relying on the German design. It should also be said that Handel's music is simpler to do than Bach's. This is certainly 1 reason that Bach's music was not because prevalent inside his lifetime because was that of Handel.Let's discuss Bach's impact initially. The many commonly disseminated function of his inside his own lifetime was the Well Tempered Clavier, a huge function, inside two volumes, every amount containing a prelude plus fugue inside every main plus small key, totaling 48 pairs of preludes plus fugues. This function is meant to be didactic and also enjoyable to the keyboard player. It was Bach's intention that the player of these beautiful pieces will never just locate them enjoyable plus happy to play, but additionally would gain, from performing them, knowledge into compositional tips, especially counterpoint. Many keyboard teachers were still utilizing the WTC a generation after Bach's death, indeed, actually Chopin's piano instructor was utilizing this book inside the early nineteenth century.The Actually Tempered Clavier of Johann Sebastian Bach is one the many seminal works of music ever yielded. Generations of composers learned the art of counterpoint by playing plus studying this excellent collection of preludes plus fugues. Most of Bach's music was dismissed till the latter half of the nineteenth century when the Bach revival got underway. However certain works of Bach, many notably, The Actually Tempered Clavier, were kept live by a small round of intellectuals. A man by the name Baron Van Swieten was amidst these excellent musical connoisseurs. He hired the twenty-six year-old composer, Wolfgang Mozart to direct his small orchestra throughout his monthly private concerts which were held about Sunday afternoons. He loaned Mozart a copy of the WTC to ensure that might study plus play it inside his leisure time. He paid Mozart to arrange a few of the fugues of the WTC for string trio. Mozart was impressed by the genius of that function. It was a profound crisis inside Mozart's lifetime to discover like extraordinary contrapuntal music, other brands which he previously never acknowledged. Suddenly his counterpoint, which was constantly truly good, became actually better. His counterpoint kept getting more plus more complex after his encounter with all the WTC.At age of thirty three Mozart heard among the Bach motets plus was transfixed by its intricate complexity plus excellent beauty. The choirmaster at Leipzig gave Mozart a copy of the score to all 6 of the Bach motets. He kept these for the sleep of his brief lifetime, (he previously not as much as three years left to live) treasuring them like the valuable jewels they are. They were a profound impact about his late design. In the last two years of his lifetime Mozart's counterpoint became actually more delightful plus complex than before.As for Beethoven, he was raised about Bach's WTC. He may play by book 1 in its entirety as he was just eight years old. Despite the simple fact that Beethoven knew the WTC plus many different keyboard music of Bach completely, he was not particularly adept at counterpoint, at least not inside his early years. Being curious inside the more homophonic design inside vogue then, the expressiveness inside his music relied more about thematic connections, harmonic movement, plus transformation of motifs. Also I would mention that Beethoven relied more about rhythmical iteration plus rhythmical transition than any composer. However, his early undertaking with Bach's keyboard music, especially the WTC, was invaluable for him. In his later years, wanting to compose certain pieces inside a more contrapuntal design, Beethoven worked hard at mastering counterpoint. He returned to the music of Bach plus Handel, plus actually studied Palestrina. In his late music, he developed a design of counterpoint that is much more reminiscent of Handel than Bach. His fugues inside his late period are very rhythmical inside nature plus rather different inside the background of music. He was found of utilizing fugue designs with repeated notes plus rather angular outlines. In the last decade of his lifetime Beethoven proved himself to become a able contrapuntalist, besides the fact that it may be mentioned that his counterpoint is sometimes a bit awkward. The ungainliness of his counterpoint actually offers it a certain electricity, a sense of struggle, different to his music, at occasions actually rather charming. It may possibly be hard to assess how much he gained from Bach plus how much from Handel. He seems outwardly to have been more relying on Handel however his knowledge of Bach's keyboard music was certainly invaluable to him. It is hard to mention how much of Bach's vocal music Beethoven had enjoyed. He published letters to publishers between 1810 plus 1824 requesting them to send him duplicates of the B-minor Mass however it is not known when he ever received any copy of it. Beethoven had access to the libraries of private collectors for example the Archduke Rudolph, Baron Van Swieten, plus others. In these private libraries might have read several vocal works by Bach, Handel, plus other composers.As said above, Chopin's piano instructor had his students play the WTC. Chopin liked plus respected this excellent tome his entire lifetime. On that distinguished trip he took with George Sand, to Majorca, it was the only music he took with him. The impact of the WTC about Chopin was profound. Most people don't think of Chopin because a contrapuntist, plus it is true that certain does not discover much inside the way of imitative counterpoint inside his music. He never composed any fugues, except because an academic exercise as he was still rather young, plus there are not several canons by Chopin. However it could, plus must, be mentioned that Chopin's counterpoint is delightful. No different music inside the entire nineteenth century has like smooth voice-leading. The inner sounds inside his music are almost because melodically interesting because the bass plus sing sounds, and also the music has a transparency which allows 1 to listen to every separate line clearly. Each voice inside his music, moves mellifluously plus smoothly, with never an awkward measure. The impact of the WTC about Chopin ought not to be underestimated.Of course it goes without suggesting that Brahms was relying on Bach. More than any composer, Brahms studied the music of past composers. He was certainly truly keen on Handel however he completely liked Bach. Brahms was, maybe, the best contrapuntist of the nineteenth century plus to this he owed a certain debt to Bach. Schumann furthermore liked Bach plus paid homage to him inside his Six pieces inside Canonic form, opus 56. Schumann suggested playing 1prelude plus fugue from the WTC a day. As for Mendelssohn, Bach's impact about Mendelssohn is many easily enjoyed inside his preludes plus fugues, that are somewhat reminiscent of a few of the preludes plus fugues inside the WTC.The music of J.S. Bach was kept live just by a small round of intellectuals till the Bach revival that was kicked of by Felix Mendelssohn with his historical performance of The St Mathew Passion inside March of 1829. Bach's vocal plus instrumental music was gradually becoming more obtainable in print since the last decade of the eighteenth century however Mendelssohn created a greater awareness of the greatness of his music. Next inside 1850,on the hundredth anniversary of Bach's death, the Bach Society was shaped inside Germany. The Bach Society's raison d'etre was to create every extant function of J.S. Bach. This huge project was not finished till the actual end of the nineteenth century.Handel's impact about later decades was maybe more direct. His operasplus oratorios are very appealing. He certainly knew how to please a crowd, however there therefore more than mere pandering to the masses inside his music. His juxtapositions of firmly contrasting textures, his carefully occasions utilization of dynamics, his breathtaking melodies, great capability to eke away thus much expressiveness from 1 motif, make his music a internet compendium of compositional technique.Although Mozart knew just a small fraction of Bach's music, he was completely familiar with all the music of Handel. During his youth trip to England he became fine accustomed to Handel's music plus he never lost his taste for it. To anyone familiar with Mozart's liturgical music, it is evident that his knowledge of Handel was deep plus thorough. You could possibly listen Handel's impact inside a few of Mozart's early works, like as The Solemn Vespers, plus inside afterwards works for example the C small mass and also the Requiem mass. Truth be told, the opening page of Mozart's Requiem, breathtaking because it is, is simply a reworking of the starting choral movement of Handel's funeral music for Queen Caroline. And the glorious double fugue inside the Kyrie from the Requiem, utilizes because 1 of its two designs, a slightly modified variant of the theme that Handel useful for "With his Stripes, You are Healed" from his "Messiah."By far, the major impact of Handel about later decades was by his oratorios, the many distinguished of which is "Messiah." Baron Von Swieten (said above) commissioned Mozart to re-orchestrate this excellent function and also Handel's "Acis plus Galatea," "Alexander's Feast," plus "Ode for St Cecilia's Day." "Messiah" is the most lightly scored of Handel's oratorios, mostly because he was composing it for the city of Dublin, plus having never visited that city, did not understand what instruments will be available. Messiah is scored for the simple Baroque orchestra, which comprises of strings, oboes, plus bassoons, with trumpetsplus kettledrums reserved for the more celebrative numbers. Not just did Mozart add several instruments to the score however he modified most arias. Some of them he cut brief, or modified certain passages. In a few of the arias Mozart changed the harmonic structure. But inside the choral movements, he created few changes aside from adding instruments to double every voice inside the sing. He did the same to "Acis plus Galatea." Also, "Acis plus Galatea" Mozart added an instrumental countermelody to every aria. These marvelous works would have survived without the Mozart models, nonetheless they became increased masterpieces when reworked by Mozart. The popularity of Handel's "Messiah" is to not be underestimated. It was immensely prevalent inside his day and has now continued thus, influencing several composers, especially Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn's two oratorios are clearly influenced greatly by Handel.As said above there is found a certain Handelain impact inside Beethoven's music. Many of Beethoven's grand designs sound because when they might have been created by Handel. A good example is the primary theme to the Consecration of the House overture. More than once inside his lifetime Beethoven expressed his opinion that Handel was the best composer that ever existed. It should be said, nevertheless, that Beethoven knew truly little of Bach's music outside of the keyboard works.In general, the nineteenth century, composers were relying on the grandeur plus electricity of Handel and also the delightful, complex counterpoint of Bach. The many creative of these composers were able to include into their own different design what they learned from these masters. Bach and Handel were both incredible inside their own correct, in addition they were furthermore seeds that bore excellent fruit inside future decades. The impact of these composers ought not to be underestimated. Bach's WTC alone was a great impact, because was Handel's Messiah. It seems to me that Handel's impact is much more direct plus evident, certain examples are Mendelssohn's "Elijah" plus much of Mozart's church music. Unfortunately, several of Bach's excellent choral masterpieces were not heard or published for over 150 years. What would Mozart have thought of Bach's B small mass, or St Mathew Passion? How would the Christmas Oratorio or the Magnificat have influenced Mozart when he previously acknowledged these beautiful pieces? We will never understand.The impact of Bach is much more subtle than the impact of Handel plus is seen mostly inside the way different composers learned counterpoint by studying his works. Should you like to how to create a bass line that goes fine with all the melody, supports the tranquility, however has beauty, plus an independence plus logic of its own, there is no greater composer to study than Bach. Should you wish To compose contrapuntal music with complexity, however with smoothness, clarity, plus transparency, then studying the music of Bach plusHandel is indispensable.The Composer Bach\n

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