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Text Message Abbreviations - SMS Dictionary Examples

generally, this is the job of market research not just what the enterpreneur thinks is true. Is however a great pity is that among the general public, although many people have heard of Charles Darwin and know that he has something to do with the theory of evolution, many do not know really know what his work was about. Neither of these is true. Many people wrongly believe that the theory of evolution attempts to explain the origin of life, and that Darwin was the creator of this theory. Some of the txt msg shortcuts are good examples of how people shorten words when they send text messages. 4. Basically, this is just another expression for SMS dictionary, or SMS shortcut. 6.By product or service class- Margarine competes as an alternative to butter. Among some religious people, Darwin's ideas, and even the idea of evolution, remains highly controversial. SMS Abbreviations:Anything - NTHINGAre you OK - RUOK?Are - RAte - 8Be - BBefore - B4Be seeing you - BCNUCutie - QTDate - D8Dinner - DNREasy - EZEh? These abbreviations are simply the text messaging shortcuts that people use each and every day to make sending SMS messages so much quicker and easier. For a light beer, it might be that it tastes great or that it is less filling. To explain this concept, Darwin used an analogy of selective breeding - pigeon breeders, over just a few centuries, have been able to produce a great variety of different domestic pigeons by selecting for particular heritable traits - and similarly he argued that nature, over many millions of years, could produce a great variety of different organisms, by its own form of selection. The main concept behind natural selection is actually surprisingly simple (although it does have complex and fascinating implications) - that organisms with heritable traits that are helpful to successful reproduction, will tend to predominate over organisms without such beneficial heritable traits, and thus, over successive generations, beneficial heritable traits will tend to become more common in any population.Best Colorectal Doctor\n

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